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  • What themes can we work on?

Confusion, lack of energy, confidence, loss of benchmarks, demotivation, feeling of helplessness, injustice, that everything is going too fast, that the work is not rewarding, boring or stressful, that we lose our control over his life, his choices.

Recognize this state and decide to act by recruiting a coach who will be present to clarify, cleanse, dissect, give time to think, reconnect with oneself, review one's ambitions, values, objectives, needs. The coach will help you reprogram yourself with positive thoughts, change their perspectives, adapt their actions to their needs.


  • How does coaching take place?


Coaching takes place in the form of online (zoom or skype) or face-to-face sessions. In general, the sessions are one hour during which you express your need or your problem. The coach with relevant questions will help you clarify the situation in which you are, and also help you regain self-confidence. It is as if you are at a crossroads in your car life, you are behind the wheel and the coach is sitting next to you with the GPS. We are working as a team to determine which is the best path to take. We work on your emotions, your values, your esteem, your limiting thoughts.

Become aware of the mechanisms that block you, and transform them through concrete actions, and thus act quickly to make the change or feel happy and relieved.

The coach accompanies you during these changes and gives you regular status updates.


  • What results can we expect?


The client has taken back control of his life, he is master of his choices, he has acquired the tools to achieve his goals, he knows his agenda and what makes him fulfilled. He works actively for his happiness and his personal and professional development.


  • The techniques used?

  • Questionnaire on one's values, analysis of limiting emotions and thoughts

  • NLP and guided hypnosis

  • Open questions to help him get to know himself

  • Breathing exercise

  • Reconnection to his body

  • Planning and working on different scenarios

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