Coach Origin - offre reconnexion

"Reconnection" offer

Serenity and well-being
Reconnect with your values ​​and your emotions to find meaning

1 month / 5 sessions


"Reconnection" offer

To regain confidence, fulfillment, energy, get out of the circle of negative thoughts, reconnect with your body, your desires, your dreams and your own potential.

This package includes:

  • A preliminary questionnaire to be completed

  • A first exploratory session of 90 min

  • 3 sessions of 60 min of coaching including a combined session with Guided Hypnosis

  • Exercises to do between each session as needed

  • Provision of several coaching and self-analysis tools

  • A final summary session and a projection into the future in view of the themes that have been discussed.

Expected results :

  • You will have a better overall understanding of your internal mechanisms

  • You will know how to listen to your emotions and will have discovered your values, what really matters to you

  • You will regain confidence in yourself and more serenity less stress and above all a clarification of your current situation and what is blocking.

  • You will leave with clear ideas and concrete actions to put in place.

1 month / 5 sessions

Coach Origin - Offre Transformation

"Retraining" offer

Driving change.

You have the intuition that you could go further, that a turning point is taking place in your life and your career and
you want to plan for this change, project yourself and visualize your future and make decisions to move forward.

3 months / 8 sessions

"Retraining" offer

To set up a new project, to flourish again in his professional activity or to think and implement his retraining, or simply to find the balance between professional and personal world.


This package is for you!

This package includes:

  • A preliminary questionnaire

  • A 90-minute exploratory session

  • 5 sessions of 60 min

  • A detailed analysis of your strengths

  • In-depth work on your current difficulties

  • A 60-minute session to assess the different possible scenarios

  • A final summary session with the implementation of your action plan

During the different sessions you will be guided by hypnosis, breathing exercises, concentration and meditation to regain control and change perspectives.

Résultats escomptés :

  • Vous obtiendrai une confiance renforcée en vos compétences et qualités

  • Vois aurez les clés de votre équilibre professionnel et personnel

  • Vous aurez acquis une ligne de conduite pour votre transition professionnelle

  • Vous gagnerez en sérénité pour la suite de voter carrière

3 mois / 7 séances

Coach Origin - Offre libération

"Release" offer

Performance at all levels and leadership.

We tackle a major project in depth, you yourself, everything is analyzed (personal and professional life, food, environment, ambitions) and I make you discover the best version of yourself.

6 months / 10 sessions

Offer "release"

To be an actor of one's destiny, within one's company and one's home, to know how to communicate in a more effective and efficient manner. Overcome stress and anxieties, develop one's potential, master complex situations and interact effectively in one's environment. Take back the reins and know what to aim for, why and how!

This package includes:

A combo of the 2 previous packages but also:

  • A preliminary questionnaire

  • A 90-minute exploratory session

  • 7 sessions of 60 min of coaching

  • An analysis file in the form of a written report on your values

  • A 60-minute session to assess the different possible scenarios facing your difficulties

  • A 9th 60-minute summary session with the implementation of your action plan

  • A summary file of the elements that have been worked on, of the action plan

  • A 10th follow-up session 1 month later.

Résultats escomptés :

  • Vous aurez regagné confiance en votre potentiel et vos compétences auront été renforcées

  • Vous aurez un plan d'action clair au niveau personnel et professionnel, tous les aspects de votre vie auront été analysés

  • Vous serez lancé sur de nouveaux objectifs et actions 

  • Les résultats de ce programme et le travail effectué vous apporteront plus de sérénité et de confiance dans la prise de décisions

  • Vous repartez avec des réussites, des changements de postes, de nouvelles façons de penser et d'agir. 

6 mois / 10 séances

Because you always need a coach throughout your life, I offer 6-month and one-year subscriptions at a very reasonable price to do regular monitoring and stay on course for your goals.
But also….

“SOS” Coaching Offers

Make a choice

You are faced with a dilemma, you do not know how to approach it and what to aim for, I will help you for an hour to clarify the issues and take the reins to make your choice. 1 hour-long session to take stock.


Crisis management

You are having a professional difficulty with a member of your team or your boss. 1 hour-long session to clarify the situation and take quick action .

The competition / exam preparation offer

Approach the exam sheet with serenity and confidence. 3 one-hour sessions to plan, manage stress and prepare well for events.


The vocational guidance offer

Focus on the future to take stock of orientation options and capitalize on your skills to flourish in planning your future.

3 one-hour sessions to list your skills, your strengths, understand what makes us fulfilled and happy and choose your path.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Behavioral Analysis
and Driving Force

Take the online DISC test which is a comprehensive analysis tool.
Come and find out what behavioral style you are!

250  TTC


DISC Offer –
Behavioral Analysis and Driving Forces

I suggest you take the online DISC test with me, which is an extremely comprehensive behavioral analysis tool that allows you to:

  • Get to know you better

  • Manage tensions at work with your teams and/or
    with family

  • Communicate more effectively
    and flexibility in all your exchanges

  • Take a step back on your functioning vis-à-vis

Come and find out what behavioral style you are!




This package includes:

Once you have passed the test, I will give you a 1h30 report on your status, your behavior, the areas for improving your communication and the evaluation of the tensions within your teams or your home. I coach you on the problem you encounter and we work together to improve what is necessary.

You leave with new keys to understanding and a detailed 40-page report on your profile.

Ce forfait comprend :

Une fois que vous avez passé le test je vous fais un compte rendu d’1h30 sur votre statut, vos comportements, les axes d’amélioration de votre communication et l’évaluation des tensions au sein de vos équipes ou de votre foyer. Je vous coache sur la problématique que vous rencontrez et nous travaillons ensemble à améliorer ce qui est nécessaire.

Vous repartez avec de nouvelles clés de compréhension et un rapport détaillé de 40 pages sur votre profil.


The world seems unfavorable and hostile





The world seems favorable


Without further ado,
make an appointment and receive the link to take the Test!


Thanks for booking. We will come back to you shortly!


“The DISC made me aware of the additional levers that I activate under stress. I am fully aware now of what makes me react and of my primary strengths. I no longer submit to my profile but I make it an ally”.


“DISC is a great tool for understanding oneself, one's levers, one's values, and one's reactions. It is very useful for anyone looking to find and understand themselves better, in order to work on themselves. The DISC analysis also allows us to better understand the world around us and offers the tools to better communicate with our personal or professional environment. In my case, I found answers there as to some of my limits and the DISC also brought to light not only aspects of my personality that I was unaware of but also the impact they could have in the context of my life. interaction with family and colleagues. I highly recommend this test. Its result constitutes a real basis for work and progress for optimum personal development”.