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From a career as an international lawyer to that of a coach!

Each of the choices that I had to make professionally and personally came about after having listened to my negative and positive emotions: "not being satisfied with a situation, no longer being in your place, feeling demoralized or on the contrary to have a feeling of excitement for a new task, or an incredible energy after an inspiring encounter or a particular accomplishment ”.

And for each of these changes, I was supported, accompanied, sometimes by an attentive friend, a mentor or finally a coach!

After 14 years as a lawyer in international law specializing in cyber security and personal data protection in France and abroad, I recruited a coach to help me define my future stage of life. I was no longer fulfilled in my work. I didn't see how to get out of this deadlock, or why I was so frustrated. I wanted things to change.

The experience was breathtaking, in a few months I reconnected with my deep aspirations, I regained confidence in my abilities. In a few sessions, I was once again a dynamic, enthusiastic young woman , full of projects and ideas for my life to improve. And several months later projects that I wanted to achieve are finally materialized.

It was such a success that in my turn I decided to develop these skills and use them for professionals losing their bearings, having a life at 100 per hour and lacking the time to ask good questions. and take stock of their lives.

Atypical course!


Graduated in 2018 and certified by the International Coaching Federation ( ), I work as a coach with expatriates, professionals and young professionals wishing to work on themselves and discover their potential. I also support the professional transition, men and women who wish to take control of their destiny and reorient their career.

Coming from a family that has always worked in support (medical and social), I am deeply humanist and sociable, turned towards the other. Enthusiastic, dynamic and always positive, I have an excellent ability to listen and understand the issues that my clients encounter.

My +  

I worked for several years in the military, and in crisis management, as well as stress conditioning. I was expatriated in Qatar for 7 years. I am a Doctor of Law, mother of two, author, speaker, and I am here to support you in your daily challenges and in your future projects.

I offer postural and breathing exercises and hypnosis that can improve energy flow and concentration.

I know the professional environment (companies and administration) in which executives evolve and the challenges they face.

I coach in both French and English!

Coach Orign - Oriane Ginies
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