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Coach Origin - offre reconnexion


Tailor-made coaching and 360° approach to manage your career calmly and find a second wind!

10 sessions - 15 hours of coaching 

happy lawyer

Tailored support in career strategy: 

  • Audit

  • Coaching

  • Help with the decision


Happy Lawyer is an approche 360° dedicated to international jurists and lawyers to regain control of their career calmly and efficiently.

6 months to decondition yourself and overcome exhaustion, regain energy and motivation and gain clarity and efficiency in your professional activity.  

The method adapts entirely to YOUR NEEDS!

I use 15 years of professional experience (in the international legal environment, in ministerial offices, in large groups and in the army) to benefit your success.

I was trained by American and New Zealand Master coaches and I have been practicing this discipline for 6 years, having more than 700 hours of individual and collective coaching with severals 50 professionals of law and firms or companies.


We will thus unpackage you, review your model and your ecosystem to integrate a new way of thinking and doing things that is more efficient and more aligned with your current needs.

  • 10 individual coaching sessions over 6 months(15 hours of coaching)

  • Access to an online self-coaching platform

  • Organization of workshops (tree of life, IKIGAÏ)

  • Hypnosis, meditation and breathing sessions

  • Passage of DISC analysis - 40p report

  • Body and mind work (stress management)

  • Operational planning (time management, files, decision support),

  • Life balance

  • Recognize your needs

  • Prioritize and gain clarity



At the end of the program

You are organized, you have taken a step back, you have time for yourself, you have made major professional decisions, you perform with complete peace of mind by having implemented concrete tools.



I book my strategy session


"Oriane's support has already allowed me to clearly define my objectives as well as target the difficulties. 

I learned with coaching to force myself to ask myself to answer certain questions and also to take the time to just breathe.

I liked the challenges that Oriane gave me and the accountability that allows you to motivate yourself and put it into practice."

Marion _ LAWYER


frequently asked Questions

“Are there any payment facilities?

yes you can pay in several installments without fees.

Is the program covered
by the CPF?

Unfortunately no, this is not a skills assessment.

I'm short on time, is there any flexibility in scheduling sessions?

 Yes, the sessions are every two weeks and we schedule them in advance with the possibility of canceling them 24 hours in advance in case of emergency.

How long do the sessions last?

They last between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes and are done remotely.


DISC offer
Analysis of communication forces

Performance and leadership of your teams!

To ensure close collaboration between your colleagues and defuse any conflicts, offer DISC training!


Le DISC, c'est quoi? 

Le DISC® est un outil prédictif polyvalent qui apporte des clefs de lecture permettant un champ d’application très complet : développement personnel, coaching, recrutement, management ou encore team-building.

Le DISC® propose un langage basé sur les couleurs (Rouge-Jaune-Vert-Bleu). Il est ainsi facile à retenir, un argument de poids lorsqu’il est utilisé en équipe : il facilite la mémorisation des profils de chacun et permet une acquisition rapide de la part des répondants.

 Dénué de tout jugement de valeur, le DISC® se concentre uniquement sur les comportements et les émotions (et pas sur la personnalité).

La méthode vous invite à prendre du recul par rapport aux comportements des collaborateurs.



The world seems unfavorable and hostile





The world seems favorable


Performer dans votre stratégie de communication et le leadership de vos équipes!

Utilisez l’analyse DISC pour fédérer vos équipes et optimiser leur performance en termes de communication, d’échanges et de compréhension. 

Véritable tableau de bord, l’analyse DISC permet d’offrir aux managers une vision d’ensemble du fonctionnement de leurs équipes.

En parallèle, l’outil offre une grille de lecture à deux niveaux :

  • Meilleure connaissance de soi, de son mode communicationnel;

  • Adaptation de son mode de communication au regard des attentes exprimées (clients, collaborateurs, managers).

Cette formation vous permet de :

  • Fédérer vos équipes

  • Dénouer les tensions/ non-dits intra départements

  • Améliorer les capacités de communication des collaborateurs

  • Accroître la connaissance de soi et de faire son travail d’introspection pour mieux se positionner au sein du groupe.

En tant qu’associé ou manager, elle vous permettra également d’améliorer le pilotage des équipes et de répartir les missions selon les compétences et appétences de chacun.

A la fin de la formation: 


  • Chaque membre obtient son rapport personnel de 40 pages; 

  • Les dirigeants ont la cartographie de l'équipe pour mieux répartir les rôles. 


DISC Offer – Behavioral Analysis and Driving Forces

I suggest you take the online DISC test with me, which is an extremely comprehensive behavioral analysis tool that allows you to:

  • Get to know you better

  • Manage tensions at work with your teams and/or
    with family

  • Communicate more effectively
    and flexibility in all your exchanges

  • Take a step back on your functioning vis-à-vis

Come and find out what behavioral style you are!

Je demande un devis


“The DISC made me aware of the additional levers that I activate under stress. I am fully aware now of what makes me react and of my primary strengths. I no longer submit to my profile but I make it an ally”.


« Le DISC est une belle découverte qui m'a permis de confirmer mes choix et d'en comprendre l'intérêt dans mes intéractions professionnelles».



“DISC is a great tool for understanding oneself, one's levers, one's values, and one's reactions. It is very useful for anyone looking to find and understand themselves better, in order to work on themselves. The DISC analysis also allows us to better understand the world around us and offers the tools to better communicate with our personal or professional surroundings. In my case, I found answers there as to some of my limits and the DISC also brought to light not only aspects of my personality that I was unaware of but also the impact they could have in the context of my life. interaction with family and colleagues. I highly recommend this test. Its result constitutes a real basis for work and progress for optimum personal fulfillment”.

Ils en parlent le mieux!

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