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Coach Origin - offre reconnexion

"Reconnection" offer

Serenity and well-being
Reconnect with your values ​​and your emotions to find meaning

1 month / 5 sessions

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Offer " reconnection "

To regain confidence, fulfillment, energy, get out of the circle of negative thoughts, reconnect to your body, your desires, your dreams and your own potential.


This package includes :

  • A preliminary questionnaire to complete

  • A first exploratory session of 90 min

  • 3 coaching sessions of 60 min including a session combined with guided hypnosis

  • Exercises to do between each session as needed

  • Provision of several coaching and self-analysis tools

  • A final summary session and a projection into the future in view of the themes that were discussed.

Expected results :

  • You will have a better overall understanding of your internal mechanisms

  • You will know how to listen to your emotions and will have discovered your values, what really matters to you

  • You will regain self-confidence and more serenity less stress and above all a clarification of your current situation and what is blocking you.

  • You will get rid of your limiting thoughts

1 month / 5 sessions