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Partner of managers and expatriates
who wish to take back the reins of their career and regain confidence in their potential

Oriane GINIES - Founder

Coach Origin supports (in English and French) managers and expatriates in giving meaning to their careers and actions, regaining confidence in their abilities and their extraordinary potential in order to achieve all the goals they have set for themselves.

personal and professional development coach in Montpellier France


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1 month

Serenity and well-being.  

Log back in to your values
and your emotions to find
your dynamism.

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6 months

Performance at all levels.
In-depth work on a large
site, you yourself, everything
is analyzed (personal and professional life,
environment, ambitions,
skills) in this tailor-made, committed, well-guarded
and uncompromising

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3 months

Change management, leadership and strategic repositioning of your professional career.

Planning a challenging

careerand in line with your potential.

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Test + 1h30 coaching

DISC Offer -
Behavioral Analysis
and Driving Forces


Take the online DISC test which is a comprehensive analysis tool.

Come and find out what behavioral style you are!

250 € TTC

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Coach de vie Montpellier, Oriane Ginies, Coach Origin

My name is Oriane,
I founded the Coach Origin company.

Doctor of Law and after more than 13 years of professional experience in the international legal field and cybersecurity, I decided to create Origin Coach and to support my clients in the management of their career and their personal life. From a military and defense background, through consulting in international administrations and private companies, I specialized in conflict management and I learned how human capital is at the heart of all success.

Biography in detail

Very concretely, I was able to put in place specific actions to achieve my goals with serenity while I was going through great professional and personal changes.

Marie –Aude

37 ans

Senior Banker

"Release" package